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reach the live generation, napa locals & visitors with the power of cyunity!


Introducing Places+ 

Wine-tourism's Real-Time engagement platform for 

tomorrow's new normal. 

The power of Cyunity

The power of the platform comes directly from consumers, professionals, locals and visitors - real people, real consumers. They are committed to change the communication era and are leading the way they interact with places. And this is exactly what makes Cyunity so powerful, impactful and unique as an advertising platform - because it connects you with them. 

Grow your place with Cyunity

Cyunity for local places

The only place to instantly reach your most valuable customers, locals and visitors. Cyunity is built on the power of local, its the Napa Valley hub for connecting and exchanging local information, goods and services. It's where locals and visitors go to stay informed, share recommendations, discover new places and help each other with their daily lives. Become the go-to-business in wine country with Cyunity. Reach everyone from day one. Instantly unlock a built-in community of real locals and visitors without having to worry about gathering followers. 

Build word-of-mouth

Set up your business as a place on Cyunity where local and visitor customers are searching for and recommending businesses like yours. It's not just good for business, it's essential.

Strengthen your local network and customer relationships

Incorporating Cyunity into your marketing strategy helps you grow a word-of-mouth referral network. The stronger and more trusted your relationships are with customers, the better business can be. 

Drive business at the most local level

Attracting new customers and driving sales are top priorities. Our marking tools help you target local and nearby traffic you want to reach. 

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Establish a local online presence with a place page

Real recommendations, not fake reviews

Real people means real recommendations from your actual customers and local community. Build word-of-mouth through Cyunity's live reccomendations and become a hot spot in wine country. 

Bring your business to life 

Share need-to-know information, like hours and offerings, and help locals and visitors get to know you better through real live conversations and stories. 

Get the word out through Cycast

Keep locals and visitors in the know. Share live updates, crowd source for requests and feedback, and draw in new customers with a live verbal conversation in the most visible place on Cyunity, the Places page.

Nurture customer relationships 

With local and visiting customers, its about building trust. Cycasts start the conversation, and from there engage 1:1 to answer questions to keep customers interacting. Your Cyunity community is where you build relationships with customers and locals are most likely to support you and recommend your place to visitors. A business Cycast can be the start of that journey

Cycast - Schedule, go live & Archive 

Schedule your Cycast of when oun you wan to go live. Your fans and customers will see exactly in how many minutes you will begin your Cycast no matter where they are in the world. Couldn't reach them all during your live Cycast? Archive your updates, stories and education sessions onto your profile so your customers and fans can catch up and listen to previous Cycasts! 

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Drive more customers with local deals

The only advertising tool with area targeting. You define "local" with total control over your reach and area you wish to go live on. Get precise with your niche offerings or area to target or broaden your reach to nearby towns to Hillside Cabernets to Red wine. 

Save time with marketing help from us 

We know you're busy running your business: we help make sure your deal is heard in the right places, at the right time. Plus we send an email reminder to locals and visitors who connect to your place to redeem before it expires.

All types of local places are on Cyunity - Wineries, restaurants, organizations, welcome centers, resorts, attractions, grape growers and more.


of all US consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts

Through podcasts people are learning, discovering and being entertained. Podcast is a powerful media that has not been leveraged by businesses yet. Make an easy and cost effective transition into the podcast space with Cyunity.


of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to podcasts.

With a library of CyCasts (pre-rolled stories, ads, and promotions) your business will be able to share your brand message without having to re-invest time or money to create content.


of podcast listeners either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast.

With Places+ Cyunity have you're message and brand spread by word of mouth and create brand ambassadors.


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advertising with Cyunity

Built completely designed to leverage the digital age with real-time advertising for today's fast paced lifestyle. Schedule your CyCast easily to connect with local and global high-potential customers. Create brand content for your loyal customers and archive conversations to add value to your business. Attract people to your business to increase sales, traffic and build brand loyalty with Places+ Cyunity.

Real-time. Real relevancy.

Customers are much more real-time than ever before. Stay ahead of that change and provide superior customer service, engagement and value from the office or your home. Be live during normal business hours for an instant connection with customers. Fans and high potential customers will easily see your upcoming CyCast even from different time zones. Personalize daily conversations by "Hand Mic" to have a one-on-one conversation. Get the most of digital and position your business for the new normal alongside consumers.


Places+ Benefits

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