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Sound is the new way to sell wine to millennials

7 in 10

Millennials listen to Podcasts

52% of


Usually listen to podcasts that are at least 26 minutes in length compared to 43% of older generations




Enable reaching a wide audience by catering topics for people who prefer different tastes and experiences




As a member of Cyunity, you will get access to the Cy Network. This is the combination of all features presented into an easily digestible format. View Connected/Followed Places/Users and View/Engage with Current and Trending Activity in the entire Network. Cyunity connects people, places and topics.



Discover by Research. Cyunity will enable frictionless discovery for Locals and visitors to Discover New Places in the Wine Tourism Industry. Businesses alike will be able to discover new high potential clients and gain insights about their products or services.

Working from Home


Cyunity is about connecting and our Connect button shows it. Connect with people, places and topics to start engaging.

Drinking Wine



Engage with the community by letting them Grab the Mic.

Retro Microphone


With Our Scheduling feature Cycasters can easily pick a day, time and topics to be discussed. This will ensure interested users see when to tune in and engage. 

On Air Sign


The New Audio Digital Experience. Cyunity members can now live audio broadcast. Have one or multiple hosts where you can engage, share stories and build brand affinity and educate your fans. 




When you Engage Via Cycast your content will be saved for users to tune in at their leisure. Create and save content for the future of your business and give people the opportunity to listen in on your Past Cycasts

Reading a Compass


With Quick and easy directions on a businesses profile place, users can seamlessly get directions to your location 

Video Conference

Open Rooms

Cyunity Open Rooms allows the community to join in on topics where they can share expertise and gain a following. With open discussion and town-Hall Style format allows to be heard through a different ear 


Cyunity's future features revolve around user experience to help navigate through our daily lives by communicating, entertaining and discovering. 

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