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Same Planet. New World.

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Built completely for digital to optimize your everyday conversation needs for learning, discovering and entertaining.  


The New real-time communication tool

Set. Choose. Cast

Schedule your CyCast and connect with people interested in the same topics as you. User will be notified of upcoming CyCasts from connected places. Share your voice world-wide with Cyunity.

Real-Time. Real Relevancy 

Be present in the world and Voice Your Heart. The  tool to communicate your message with the world is now in the palm of your hands and more convenient than ever.


"Grab The Mic" enables our members to jump into a deeper conversation one-on-one with a host. All with a simple button. Fast, convenient and worth while.

Archive CyCasts

Turn your live conversations into infinite valuable content. Easily archive your conversations with your friends and community just like a podcast. Instantly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are you a social media platform? 


In a way yes, however we are a different type of social media. Do you like to eat healthy? Do you like to exercise regularly? Do you practice meditation? Do you enjoy having a healthy mind where you're learning new things and having thoughtful conversations? 


Cyunity is the healthy social media space. We don't want our users worried about taking the perfect selfie, or spending hours creating a perfect post or worried about the followers. On Cyunity you can go on and start being social. Get to know your community of professionals, talk to locals, engage with wine educators, farmers etc. to get the information you need about a particular region, wine or dish. 

  • We own a winery, how can we use Cyunity Places+? 

As a winery having a Places+ profile you will have many advantages. You will be able to have all your walk-ins and current customers connect with you on Cyunity by a touches QR code. As a winery, you can schedule a CyCast with your team (co-hosts) such as your winemaker, viticulturist, owner, etc. to do episodes on a certain topic. Engage live with the community and take live questions from Cy Members in real time. Once you have finished your CyCast you will be able to save it onto your profile just like a podcast! With a library of CyCasts, Cy Members will be able to engage with your winery pre-visit, pre-purchase and post-visit or post-purchase. Engage with your clients or prospects all along the way for a loyal community. Sometimes people are in remote areas without cellular service, however they do have Wi-Fi. By being Live on Cyunity during normal business hours, Cy Members can reach you anywhere they have Wi-Fi. Customers can reach you to schedule tastings, purchase wine or ask questions. Maybe your winery has a special offer or discount? Get the word out to the wine community by sharing to near by traffic or go wide and share with the whole wine community to get customers to redeem offers. 

  • We are grape growers, can we join Cyunity Places+?

Yes, we believe our grape growing community is an essential component to our ecosystem. By having a places+ account you will be able to engage with the wine community who wishes to learn more about your grapes and practices. Share your stories with future grape growers, wine consumers and create a legacy for your brand. Connect with other grape growers and vintners in the area or globally to acquire grape buyers or come to resolutions around the wine industry. 

  • We are a local group organization, how can we use Cyunity Places+?


Whether you are a local group or a world wide organization, there is a place for you on Cyunity. Your group can connect with members in real-time to spread a message, update, and inform the group. Get inputs from your members and move towards your goals. Your group will also get exposure to the Cyunity network to find new community members that share similar views and goals. 

  • Do I need to stare at my phone while on Cyunity? 

By being focused on the voice of the community, as a Cy Member you will be able to join in on a conversation wherever you are. No need to stare at a screen or be sitting at your desk. Tune into a conversation around fitness while you're at the gym, learn about wine while you're on your commute to work, get updates on your local region while you prepare your morning coffee. Yes, you can continue about your daily life while being on Cyunity while also feeling accomplished that you socialized with the community, got your voice out and learned something new. 

  • What is CyCast? 


CyCast is Cyunity's form of broadcasting. CyCasting begins with a live session (Audio...for now) and ends with a saving your content just like a podcast. You and your community will always have access to the content, information, entertainment and conversation you just had.

  • I am planning a trip to Wine Country, how can I use Cyunity to make my trip as memorable as possible? 

Going anywhere new for the first time or the second time can be a bit daunting if you aren't familiar with the area. The best way to find the best places wherever you go is by asking a local. By being a Cy Member you will be able to connect with the local community that is rich with local knowledge on where to stay, what wines to try, where good hiking trails are, what are the must see spots, where are the secret gems etc. Use Cyunity before you come to wine country, or use it while you are here to discover special deals, discover a new place or even connect with other Cy Members that are also here for the weekend. Take Cyunity back home with you and with a touch of a button and access wine country right from your home town. Connect with the community  to share your stories and favorite places. Feel like a local, navigate like a local, be a local with Cyunity. 

  • I am a wine blogger, can I use Cyunity? 

Absolutely! As a wine blogger with followers on other platform or not, Cyunity offers you a platform to engage with other wine lovers who want to discover and learn new things around wine. Start CyCasting to engage with your fans and keep them informed, entertained and connected. Have your content saved to your profile to create priceless content that can be relevant now and into the future. 

  • Can restaurants have a place on Cyunity? 

We love food! Yes, as a restaurant with a Places+ account you can leverage the power of Cyunity to keep your biggest fans and local community informed. CyCast about new menus, partnerships, ingredients, stories, anything you wish directly to the Cy Community. Be your personal radio channel with Cyunity to fill up your restaurant Monday-Sunday.

  • I am a student and not sure what to pursue, can Cyunity help? 

Yes, whether if you're in high school, college, or just a student of life. Cyunity can help you find resources for potential careers, wisdom, mentors, scholarships etc. by connecting you to the right people and allowing you to ask questions. 

  • How can a resort or hotel use Cyunity? 

As a resort or hotel you can leverage the power of Cyunity to enhance customer service. Keep your guests up to date and informed by communicating directly with them. Offer your guests the Cyunity network to feel and be connected with the region. Offer specials to the community, share events and take your resort or hotel online and live.​​

  • I am a podcaster, are you able to host me? 

Yes! It's an easy transition and since you are familiar with podcasting, CyCasting will be a breeze. Create your content on Cyunity and engage with podcasting like never before. Think of Cyunity like an interactive social podcasting platform!

The world is more real-time than ever before. stay up-to-date and in the know with cyunity.

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