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We are dedicated to become a global technology platform by being rooted in our three principles -  

Our Principles


Benefit All

Benefit All

This is determined by the era in which "new virtual and digital" was born. When consumer behavior shifted to online, it impacted many businesses - the small and large. When we launch Cyunity in 2020, whether you are a small winery tucked in a hill, whether you are a farmer or professor, Covid-19 has equally impacted the world around us. Born during trying and isolated times, our mission is to serve and benefit all. From inception, we have commited to this mission, working hard to create opportunity for farmers, local businesses and society through unity and connecting them directly to each other, while providing an elevated experience to the wine-tourism industry. This principle is the most important force behind the heart of our platform. Thereafter, through growth of users, we will improve communication, life well-being and eduction beginning with our student community. 

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People Centric

Peole Centric

This is the DNA of "new virtual and digital." Cyunity was born in the mobile internet era, bypassing the PC era's search based online model which placed products first. "New virtual and digital" no longer clutters the user experience with ads in their feed. Instead, "new virtual and digital" tries to understand the human touch behind each click: it tries to aggregate similar needs through analyzing the connections and trust amongst people. Only when we wholeheartedly serve and respect people, can we harness the collective power of the people and transform opaque communication into humanized transparent engagement. This creates the opportunity to improve production, customer service and returns value to their creators - the every day workers. "New virtual and digital" also aims to create more happiness through greater interactions during the daily experience of life. Features like Cy Rooms are amongst our early experiments and have demonstrated great potential. 




Unity - its in the name, it is also mandatory of the new in-coming era. Our strategy is to give people the power of choice by research and word of mouth. The opportunity of Cyunity is the transformation and evolution of businesses in the industry fighting for its long-term survival and resiliency. Taking the consumers directly to a platform in order to support businesses that match their values is essential for the future of our planet's eco-system. This is the will of the people, deep in their heart. Despite countervailing forces, people's desire and hope for having options, communication and unity is unavoidable.  

Our Core Values

Cyunity's purpose is to create by intent. We focus on the creation of unity and experience to provide a happier life with the use of technology. 

  • We are committed to go above and beyond for our customers and users -- Our customers and users are the pulse to our business. We aim to communicate and engage with a sense of urgency, love, empathy and transparency.

  • We Encourage Continuous Learning and Growth for Team Members -- The success of Cyunity relies on trust, passion, contribution and collaboration with all of our team members to achieve a positive, fun and happy environment.

  • We Love Our Communities and Planet -- We cater and support a local experience through integrity, passion and beliefs. The unique experience  around a specific area is a reflection of the community's people, culture and businesses.

  • We Implement Innovation, Good Citizenship and Diversity -- to provide a win-win for our customers, team and community. We treat everyone fairly and with respect - expecting the same in return.

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